Free Calling To Other Customers

Calls to other customers are always free. These calls will be noted with the term "OnNet" on your bill and in your call logs to let you know you didn't use any minutes from your plan for the call.

If you refer someone to Denetron Voice, let us know, and if they sign up we'll give you a recurring service credit equal to 5% of their monthly charges as our way of saying thanks. Just open a Support Desk Ticket after they've signed up and include either their phone number or email address so we can confirm the signup and apply your credit.

Included Fax Line

A dedicated fax line is included free with your account upon request. There are two fax lines we offer.

First, you can choose to utilize our vFax platform, which will allow you to send faxes from our online portal, an application on your computer, or even through email. Received faxes can be viewed through the portal or be emailed to you, with this platform you can even get a toll-free tax number for no additional cost.

If you prefer to use your own traditional fax machine, we can provision the second line on your Voice adapter with a second number for your fax machine. Just open a Support Desk Ticket requesting to have your fax line provisioned, and let us know which option you'd prefer.

Calling Card Functionality

Not always at home by your Denetron Voice phone? You can utilize our Calling Card feature to place international calls at your low Denetron Voice rates from any phone you use by calling +1.408.438.4393 and entering the PIN, and then the number you wish to dial. This feature is included on all of our plans for no additional cost.

Don't have free long distance available where you need to call from? Call our toll-free access number +1.877.814.8444 and enter an allowed phone number and PIN and then the number you wish to dial, a 3ยข / minute charge applies for using the toll free number in addition to any usage charges you may incur for the calling the number you specify.

E911 Calling

E911 calling provides emergency dispatchers at your local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with your full address when you place an emergency call on your account. Please note, you may be unable to call 911 in the event of a power outage (unless you have a UPS powering your internet connectivity and the Phone Adapter we provide)

E911 Contact List

With Denetron's E911 Contact List feature, you can configure email addresses (including email addresses that send an SMS to your phone) to be emailed in the event of 911 being dialed on a phone from your account.

Unified Messaging Voicemail

Receive voicemail messages in your email box so you can check your messages from anywhere you receive your email, or dial 800 from your phone.

Access Voicemail From Anywhere

You can check your voicemail from your Denetron Voice phone by dialing 800, with no login necessary, we securely authenticate you based on your device. If you need to check voicemail from another phone, call our toll-free Voicemail access number, +1.855.524.0014 and enter your 10-digit phone number and voicemail PIN.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Do you have customers all over the United States? You can order virtual phone numbers in any area code in the United States for just $5 per month. This number works the same as your primary number and ring your device and follow all the same Do-Not-Disturb, Call Forwarding, etc. settings.

Caller ID Name

Using our Contact Management System, you can mass-import your contacts (in CSV format) or manually add them so incoming calls show on your Caller ID display with their name and number for easier identification of who's calling, no more guessing.

If a number isn't from an added contact of yours, we'll display the geographic location they're calling from.

Do Not Disturb

You can enable our Do-Not-Disturb feature to send all calls immediately to Voicemail so you are not disturbed by incoming calls.

Enabling this feature is as simple as calling *78 from your phone. To disable Do-Not-Disturb, call *79.

Caller ID Block

If you wish to block your number to protect your privacy, dial *81 before the full phone number

You may enable permanent Caller ID Blocking by dialing *67, and can disable permanent Caller ID Blocking by dialing *68.

If you wish to allow your Caller ID through on a call by call basis, dial *82 before the full phone number.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is easy to setup, simply dial *72 followed by the 11 digit phone number to enable call forwarding, for example dial *7214085555555 to call forward to 14085555555. You'll hear a confirmation tone when completed.

Dial *73 to disable call forwarding.

Your account will be billed for both legs of the call (inbound and outbound). You can use this feature if you're traveling internationally to forward to an international number (for instance, in a pre-paid cell phone SIM), but you'll be liable for the international per-minute charges in addition to your regular inbound usage.

Always Reach Me™

Always Reach Me™ means you don't have to miss calls if your internet service becomes unavailable or while you're in the process of moving and don't have your device plugged in.

You can enable this feature within the Denetron Portal under the Voice Home page. Calls will be forwarded to the phone number you enter if your device is ever unavailable.

Three-Way Calling

Ever needed to talk to multiple people on the phone at once? Now you can. With the first call on, press your hook/flash key, dial *10, dial the number to join to your call, and then after they've answered press hook/flash again to complete the call join.

Blind Transfer

If you get a call, and it's for another member of your household who is out of the house, you can use a blind transfer to transfer the call to their cell phone so they can take the call where they are. Just press your flash button, dial *98, and then the number to transfer the call to.

Call Waiting

Never miss a call again. If you're on the phone and have an incoming call, you'll hear a beep while on your call and be able to see the caller id information for the waiting call and decide if you want to take it now or let the call go to voicemail. You can disable call waiting by dialing *57, and enable call waiting by dialing *56.

Call Statistics

Get up to the minute statistics regarding your current and historical usage within our Management Console, any time, day or night.