Voice Over IP

  • Reduces TCO for telecommunications infrastructure.
  • More efficient communication method.
 [ VoIP Telephone ]

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony uses data communication networks to send and receive voice calls.

VoIP's use of existing networks makes a phone network flexible and more powerful than ever imagined before. Need to move a phone? No problem, just pick it up and walk it to where you need it to be. Want to add new phones to an already existing firm? No problem, just plug it into the same jack your computer uses.

Cost Effective

Does your business maintain multiple locations across the country? Don't worry about paying long-distance anymore. With VoIP technology you can call someone across the country for the same cost as calling someone across the office: nearly nothing.

In addition to the ease of a VoIP system already describe, one is also able to do away with big, bulky, expensive, and hard to maintain PBX switching gear. VoIP servers might be anything from Cisco CallManager to a small server running the open-source application Asterisk.

Residential Service

Looking for residential service to give yourself unlimited long distance and low-rate international calling? Check out Denetron's phone service offerings.

Business Service

Businesses interested in utilizing the Denetron Voice Hosted PBX platform should email sales@denetron.com to find out more about how our solution can benefit your business.