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Information System Security

Who is protecting your data?

Information system security has become a hot issue as the amount of sensitive data stored, processed, and transmitted electronically increases. Ask yourself:

  • What access controls are in place to protect systems and network infrastructure from attack or exploitation?
  • What measures are in place to protect data integrity and prevent data theft or loss?
  • What policies are in place to protect from litigation and public embarrassment?
  • Is there an Incident Response (IR) and Disaster Recover Plan (DRP) in place in case of attack, failure, or natural disaster?

A comprehensive security solution requires detailed answers to all these questions. Denetron offer a full line of security services to help develop and audit your information system security, including:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Systems and Network Auditing
  • Threat Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Security Awareness, Training, and Education
  • Countermeasures (firewalls, intrusion detection systems)

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