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Network Engineering

Networks form the backbone of information technology, allowing for data to be sent across the office — and across the globe. Networks have quickly become mission-critical — supporting all types of commerce, collaboration, and communication.

With the rapid adoption of technologies, including Voice over IP Telephony (VoIP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), networks have continued to gain responsibility for many operations that determine the success or failure of a business. With proper design, implementation, and management networks can reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Denetron has extensive experience with all forms of switching, routing, and WAN technologies and equipment enabling us to design, build, and support very robust, reliable, and secure networks. Whether you wish to upgrade your office network or design a new data center, Denetron has the expertise to get the job done.

Our network services include:

  • Full core to edge network engineering
  • Network installation and maintenance
  • Structured cabling design and installation
  • Network auditing and support

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