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  • World Class Bandwidth
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  • High Reliability
  • Great Value

Managed Hosting

Denetron's managed hosting solution is poised to change the industry. Denetron seeks to provide both high quality bandwidth and web space while maintaining low costs to you.

Personal Business Business Plus
Setup Fee None
Storage Space 1GB 5GB 10GB
Data Transfer 10GB 25GB 75GB
Shell Access Yes
MySQL Databases / Web Sites / E-Mail Addresses Unlimited
suPHP (PHP runs as your user) Yes
Ruby on Rails Applications $5 per month Yes
Dedicated IP Address $5 per month
Monthly Price $10 $20 $35

Application Support

Denetron currently supports numerous web applications, Contact Us for a complete list.

Denetron will work with any client to provide any web application framework or dependencies they need.

Web Space

Feel safe storing your data with Denetron. Denetron stores all user data on RAID arrays of SCSI drives to ensure the availability of your important data. Denetron also backs up your data at regular intervals in the event your data must be restored.


Denetron's network providers maintain adequate uplinks at all times to ensure the burstability of our connection. Denetron's network is fully capable of handling any spike or unexpected increase in traffic.