Some of Denetron's Valued Customers

  • Cameron Shayne of Budokon® International
  • Patrick Collins of Collinator Studios
  • Michael Stackhouse of SAMSA

What Our Customers Say

At Denetron, we don't just want to think of you as a customer, but rather, we think of ourselves as a partner in your business. Denetron's clientele all have enjoyed our services and would recommend them to a friend.

Cameron Shayne, Budokon® International

Cameron Shayne, Founder of Budokon® International, says "Denetron has provided my company with both excellent customer service and outstanding business services. I strongly recommend them to any company utilizing internet services."

For more information, please visit Budokon at

Patrick Collins, Collinator Studios

Patrick Collins, Founder of Collinator Studios, says "I've had a lot of web hosts over the years, but Denetron definitely is the best. They've been excellent with technical support and have always helped me out in whatever ways I needed."

Visit Collinator Studios at

Michael Stackhouse, Owner of SAMSA

Speaking with regard to Denetron's consulting, Michael Stackhouse says, "We've been pleased with our experience getting support from Denetron."