Daniel Ballenger
Partner, Senior Systems Engineer

Company Profile

Denetron LLC is a technology solutions and consulting firm based in Campbell, California.

Company Origins

Denetron was founded in 2001 as a partnership by three individual consultants with a shared vision — to provide end-to-end technology solutions for their clients. In pooling their diverse skill-set, they were able to enhance their product and service offerings and provide a better customer experience.

Company History

May 2005: Denetron's founding partners file for a Limited Liability Company to support the company's growth objectives. On May 12th, 2005, registration was awarded and the company's name changed to Denetron LLC.

March 2006: Denetron LLC completed an expansion phase by establishing a presence in San Jose, California — the heart of Silicon Valley. Here, they moved into an enterprise level multi-homed Tier-4 data center to support new operations and increase the reliability and quality of their services.

December 2012: Denetron LLC brought in new management to revitalize the organization and better serve its customers. Denetron LLC was reorganized in California on December 17th, 2012.